Sump Pump Repair

HMS Plumbing specializes in all types of sump pump repairs and sump pump replacements in Northern Virginia. If your sump pump stops working in the middle of the night, we are just a call away at 703.583.8205.

We commit to getting you a Quality Fix in the Quickest Time Possible

For all our sump pump repairs and sump pump replacements, speed and quality are our priorities. Our plumbers have been well-trained and schooled to guarantee you the highest quality service when you need it, and we use the leading sump pump brands in our customers’ homes.

Sump Pump Tips

Don’t Connect to Your Sewer
The discharge line for a sump pump drains the water away from your home. The discharge line is NEVER to be connected to your sewer line.

Backup Sump Pumps
A battery backup sump pump service is an option, but there is a downside to installing this kind of backup pump: this additional pump is installed over the existing sump pump and comes into service during a power outage. This is a good option for a short term power outage; however, if the power outage is extended the battery will die and the pump will stop.

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