About Us

HMS Plumbing Family
We are a family owned business located in Manassas, Northern Virginia. The owner of HMS Plumbing, Herve, is a Master Plumber, Master Gasfitter and Certified Backflow Prevention Worker. Though just because Herve is the owner doesn’t mean he’s afraid to get his hands dirty! He is proud to be serving the plumbing needs of Northern Virginia residents and businesses alongside his dedicated group of employees.

Humble Beginnings

Herve has been in the plumbing industry since he was 16 years old and lived in Nice, France. He studied under his uncle who owned a small business.

In those days, plumbers in France were considered craftsmen, and it took years of schooling and supervised apprenticeship to be considered worthy to carry on the trade. He also learned the art of pipe bending, which is a traditionally used method of bending copper lines.

This method was not only used for aesthetic reasons: it also diminished the amount of fittings that could potentially leak in the future.

Work Experience

Herve worked for several well known plumbing companies in Northern Virginia before opening HMS Plumbing. Coming from his background and education, he was shocked to see the poor quality of work among many of his so-called peers. It surprised him that most plumbers did not go to plumbing school and the companies they worked for didn’t require it.

He also noticed that most of the craftsmanship and work ethic that is integral to the trade was sorely lacking. The pressure on plumbers to sell, sell, sell made him equally uncomfortable. The quota systems and high pressure sales techniques did not sit well with Herve.

The Birth Of HMS Plumbing

After years of unsuccessfully searching through several of the big brand plumbing companies in an effort to find an ethical and honourable job, he decided to start his own plumbing service company in 2001.

Herve founded his company on several principles

First: Herve is dedicated to personally providing his plumbing students with the same hands-on training he received as a young plumber, in addition to sending them to an accredited plumbing school.

Second: transparency is a critical part of our business model. We utilize a standardized price book for most plumbing tasks – as do many other plumbing companies. The difference with us is that we will quote prices over the phone, thereby saving the customer and our plumbers the time required for an on-site service call. It’s equally critical to HMS Plumbing to provide high quality work for very reasonable prices.

Quality, transparency and mentorship – that’s how we do things differently.


Education and training is a necessity when it comes to performing plumbing services of any kind – whether it be water, sewer or gas. We take that very seriously. We require all of our plumbers to go through our training course as well as state schooling and licensing.

We are a licensed plumbing contractor serving both Northern Virginia and parts of Southern Maryland. Our Master Plumber, Herve, started off his plumbing career in Nice, France when he was only 16 years old. He received his master plumbing certificate after years of schooling in France. After moving to the U.S. he also received his master plumbing license in Virginia and Maryland.

We are a not only certified to do plumbing, but we are also a licensed gas-fitting contractor and certified to test and service backflow prevention devices. We are also fusion pipe, wardflex and trac pipe certified in the state of Virginia. We are constantly adding new certifications and training to our repertoire to provide our customers with the best service available.